To Anton Hagan, regarding “5 Reasons Why Bisexuals Cannot Be Taken Seriously”

via 5 Reasons Why Bisexuals Cannot Be Taken Seriously.

On October 16, 2015 the website “Return of Kings” published an article by Anton Hagan, while I doubt he, or any of his cohorts in the manosphere, will ever read or listen to what I’m saying I did feel the need to respond with an open letter.  So, Mr. Hagan, this is for you.

Dear Biphobe.

Before I address your numbered “reasons” I did want to point out that you obviously didn’t think about how your opening sounded

The topic of bisexuality keeps cropping up time and time again. It’s constantly rammed down our throats

Did you really think you should talk about things being “rammed down your throat” would be the best way to start an article where you claim there is something wrong with bisexuality?  Because if you like that I’m sure there are lots of guys on Grinder for you.

I read that and knew I had to say something, feel free to skip that and move on to my responses to your “5 reasons”

1.You claim that biphobia doesn’t exist

I’ll skip the part where you say homophobia isn’t rampant, and move on to the bit where you say

There has been extremely little evidence in history which suggests that bisexuals have been more severely treated than homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Really? You think that bisexuals have it just a easy as monosexuals?  Get ready for a string of links, should I link health concerns specifically affecting bisexuals, or maybe a report on bisexual women more likely to be trapped in abusive relationships, or maybe about bigotry we get from the lesbian and gay communities?  I doubt if you’ll read any of those (and a few are just to earlier posts I’ve done here), but it’s safe to say that there are many problems that bisexuals face that monosexuals do not.

Then, of course, you give the tired old argument on what counts as a “phobia”, I’m not going to argue about that, but if you don’t like me talking about biphobia, just replace it with “bigotry directed at bisexuals”.

Then you give a completely out of context quote from a Huffington Post article, without even a link, a title, or an author, probably didn’t think anyone would check, did you?  But I think it’s safe to say your quote wasn’t the point of the article, and that you completely missed the point Amy Andre was trying to make.

Despite your claims, bisexuals do not care if you “shower us with praise”, or complement us on being “open-minded”, but here you are writing about how we should not be taken seriously.  You have a choice, either accept us as we claim to be or leave us alone.  That’s about all we can ask from someone who thinks an image from “Dancing With the Stars” is an actual point.

2. You think we are following a “trend”

I’m not at all sure where you get this bullshit that bisexuality is “trendy”, it’s really funny that you actually bring up Lady Gaga given how many times she’s had to come out as bisexual, only to have her bisexuality erased.  And even if people are coming out because they see famous bisexuals come out, that doesn’t mean they aren’t bisexual.  It just means that seeing others come out made it easier for them.

3. You claim we are promiscuous

Your evidence, another Return of The Kings writer listed “claiming to be bisexual” as a sign a woman is a slut.   So, you believe that bisexuals are promiscuous because a straight man tells you so.  I’m not sure if I should tell you to read up on circular logic or confirmation bias.

Plus, you right for Return of The Kings, since when is being promiscuous a bad thing on that site?

4. The classic claim that we cannot be monogamous

Are you saying that someone who finds both redheads and brunettes attractive can’t be monogamous?   But if you end up with a ginger, won’t you miss dark hair?

What you seem to not understand is that being attracted to multiple genders doesn’t mean you have to act on it.   And if you enter any relationship, no matter what the orientation of you or your partner, you should have the discussion about the rules of what you can do with others.   I’ve met bisexuals that thought their partner going to a strip club was cheating, and I’ve met straight people that belonged to swinger clubs.  There is nothing about being bisexual that makes you non-monogamous, and there is nothing about being monosexual that makes you monogamous.


That was the sound of me banging my head on my desk, which is what I did when I first read this.  You bring up that GOD DAMN Northwestern University study.  The entire bisexual community hates that study, it was poorly designed, did nothing to find actual bisexuals to study (they advertised in gay magazines for example), and was eventually redone better with a completely opposite result.

And you even misrepresent the study, you claim it was “recent”, it was published in 2005, and you claim that it measured the men’s hormonal responses, it actually measured erections.

I’m trying to figure out if you didn’t know anything about the study or just thought that your readers would just accept what you claim.




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